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Great results with less drama

Inspire the Leader within

Transform your project management team from “great” to Fearless & Effective.

Create A Culture of Loyalty & Collaboration

Well led teams become loyal, engaged collaborators.
Fearlessly leading from the inside out naturally leads to increasing team effectiveness.

Massive Results!

Smoother run projects, engaged teams that collaborate to get great results…

Whether your project leaders are new, or seasoned pros,  all can get Massive Results.

Inspire The Leaders Within

Create A Culture of Loyalty, Collaboration, and Massive Results

With the unemployment at its lowest in decades, employees and applicants are now in the driver seat.  They want to feel valued, they want self-directed growth, and they want a nurturing, positive environment to grow in every day.  Yesterday’s top-down dictatorship management style just won’t do.

In fact, you’re likely feeling the tension on your teams when these old methodologies are met with resistance and worse, attrition.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can actually shift the culture and teach your leaders how to be discerning, not judgmental.  You can teach them how to give voice to every individual and get better results because of it.

Trina Serrecchia is dedicating her professional life to helping organizations like yours create a work environment that attracts top talent and gets better results than outdated dysfunctional organizations do.  After your time with her, you’ll be able to immediately implement strategies that work to improve employee retention and performance.  And you’ll notice that this big improvement comes from a leadership style that motivates and nurtures your employees.

5 Reasons
You should hire Trina to speak at your next event!

  • You want an inspiring presenter to open the minds in your audience, not put them to sleep.

    Trina speaks to the inner leader in each and every person and awakens their potential to step into their leadership role with confidence.

  • You want someone who is EASY to work with, not a demanding diva.

    Trina is a joy to work with – which is a good thing, because there is no “Leading-From-The-Inside-Out-Easy-Button”. If it was easy to lead from the inside out – EVERYONE would be doing it. All the time. And projects would flow smoothly from initiation to close, there would be no leadership frustrations, your teams would always be energetic and engaged, your stakeholders would be totally bought-in and smiling, your triple constraints (time, cost, and scope) would always be on target and clear to everyone involved. But get ready for a massive improvement after your time with Trina!

  • You want someone who will infuse their passion for leadership into your teams.

    Trina knows it is all about energy. She has the ability to affect lasting change in a way that feels good, and keeps the momentum going.

  • You want customized content that works for YOU.

    Trina tailors talks to help you meet the vision of your business. No worries about cookie-cutter solutions here. Your organization’s needs are unique. Trina works with you to identify what’s not working. Then she delivers solutions you can implement for immediately results.

  • You want relevant strategies that work today, not outdated content that doesn’t apply to your people

    No one has time for concepts that sound good, but that can’t be applied in real life. You won’t get a plug and play recipe that lacks individual spirit. What your audience will walk away with is a new understanding of how they show up in life and business, and strategies to breakthrough what has been holding them back.

Revolutionize Your Organization’s Project Leadership!

Project challenges will always arise, no matter what project management methodologies or tools you use. No matter how well you plan, there will always be risks inherent to the project, team members at various levels of engagement, and stakeholders not totally bought-in – all on top of managing scope, time & cost. All cause stress to project managers, and can throw them off their game. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could transform your project managers from “great project managers” into Powerful and Effective Project Leaders? What would it be like if, instead of being stuck in what’s wrong or broken, your project leaders were curious and solution focused? What if project challenges, minor or major, were resolved quickly, efficiently, and with great results?  All this, and more, is possible for you and your team of project leaders.

Transform your leadership with powerful messages and awesomeness. Fully customizable programs – Check them out!

Revolutionize Your Leadership

This program is designed to help your leaders gain a new perspective on their interactions and reactions to the work their team members do.  They’ll discover what it takes to become a powerful leader, plus:

  • Why it is TIME to become a leader of the revolution
  • How to squash a revolution – and why you should NEVER do that
  • How to become a fearless project leader – Your people need you step up
  • How to stop the carnage – End the cycle of fear, mistrust, and disengagement
  • How to Fire up your passion – AND turn the angry masses into engaged innovators

The Energetic Leader

This program is designed to help you create a revolution within your industry and organization by leading from the inside out.  Your audience will discover who’s already leading this way, and what difference it makes.  Plus …

  • Why it’s easy to get stuck in the stale establishment and how to get unstuck so you can become a revolutionary leader!
  • Which one of the 7 kinds of leaders you are and how to leverage that knowledge to get better results.
  • Strategies to involve, focus and energize your teams so that the right things get done, on time, and within budget.

The Project Leadership Revolution Bootcamp

This innovative fully customized and scaleable program will allow you as an organization to tap into the revolutionary potential in your leaders.  Your people will discover:

  • Strategies to develop your own revolutionary project team
  • Self-awareness about your leadership energy level and how to raise it through the roof
  • New ways to approach the work you do with your team members that empower them through thought leadership and nurtured relationships.
  • Long-term lasting improvement in engagement, and retaining high-performers

What people have to say about Trina

Actionable Strategies – Right Away!

“Trina’s passion is infectious, and it’s incredible the way she raises the energy in the room. She combines research, engaging storytelling, and real life situations that project managers can relate to. Audience members left with strategies they could put immediately into action to get things done, with less stress and none of the drama. I’ve also found that the benefits extend beyond business – huge added bonus.”

Bernie SirykMBA, CPC, PMP

Clarity and Inspired Action From First Meeting!

“On our very first session together I felt comfortable and perfectly at ease with Trina. After months of feeling confused, stuck and unmotivated, Trina’s supportive, intuitive and creative approach, guided me to a place of clarity and inspired action. Thank you Trina… you are a talented alchemist with an amazing talent to facilitate powerful, positive and lasting change.”

Susy RudkinPersonal Development and Empowerment Coach, UK

Compassionately Direct to the Heart of the Matter

“Trina has a bright personality and holds the audience’s attention with ease. Her diverse experience allows her to bring a range of perspectives and insights to the table. Her authenticity and genuine concern for her audience sets her presentations apart from other speakers and their “canned” talks. There’s no fluff with Trinashe gets to the heart of the matter. Her ability to be compassionately direct is powerful.”

Heidi CarrellMarketing Communications Writer, AIR Worldwide, MA

Complex Ideas Made Accessible Inspire & Empower Change

“Each time I’ve had the opportunity to hear Trina speak to a group, or while leading workshops, I’ve been impressed by how she entertains, involves the audience, and inspires them into action. She combines her years of leading projects, teaching adult learners, consulting in healthcare and coaching, with storytelling and audience participation. Trina talks about complex ideas, but breaks them down in a way that’s accessible to everyone in the audience. People leave not only feeling empowered and inspired, but also with strategies they can use right away.

Mary E. LynnTechnology Productivity Consultant & Technology Coach

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